BEE Books: How To Survive Rejection

In our last blog post we had taken you through how to approach a publisher, and left you at a place where your work gets rejected instead of accepted for publication. As someone who has been receiving rejection letters since she was 14 years old (yes, that was the year I began approaching...... Read more

BEE Books: How To Approach A Publisher?

If you are reading this post, chances are that you have written a novel, edited and reedited it, and proofread it until you could say the whole story word for word. Now what? In this age when all book publishers are very active over the social media you feel like pinging them or inboxing them...... Read more

5 Famous Fictional Detectives

5 Detectives Whose Legacies Still Live On   My childhood was pretty much spent hogging on detective story books which ranged from Nancy Drew, Famous Five, Secret Seven, Adventures of Tintin, Sherlock Homes and many more. I think each and everyone at some point in our lives wanted to become...... Read more