God, Science and Reality: Audacity of Reason and Tenacity of Truth


By Pinaki Ganguly

About the Book:

God, Science and Reality is an enthralling journey that involves a battle of wit through which modern-day atheist, a scientist, a mathematician, and a philosopher with the help of the ancient oriental wisdom of Maharṣi (sage), in a course of discussion unearth the true face of reality. The book raises some fundamental questions about the nature of God, Science and their relationship with man and ultimate reality. Our reality has two dimensions – sublime and mundane and Maharṣi touches them both. A completely new model of reality is built which encompasses Man, Nature, Knowledge, Religion, Cosmos, Consciousness, and Existence as a whole. At the crossroad of time quantum age science meets spirituality, in this ultimate journey of the human mind you are cordially invited!
ISBN : 978-81-946529-8-4
Language : English
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BEE Essay
Binding : Hardcover
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Date of Publication : 2023
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