Selling and Buying of Rights

Written words have always had the power to change the universe; the proverbial pen is mightier than the sword; and we have always considered ourselves lucky to be able to able to stay in the heart of words. We at BEE Books also participate in selling and buying of rights. The interdisciplinary nature of literature allows us to manage rights for various mediums/purpose—translation rights, film rights, international publishing rights. Translation helps us traverse the barrier of language and make literature universal. We actively participate in buying and selling rights for translation because we firmly believe that that there is no bigger solidarity than the unity of language and we want to bring to our readers literature from as many languages as possible, both national and international. International publishing rights too allow us to bring popular, and even rare gems of literature from around the world to India, and also give them an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Indian writing, especially Bengali writing. We also sell media rights of our printed works. Undoubtedly, movies and television is a giant medium that has great reach. Since ages, movies have been adapted from literature and now with the advent of digital media market, this has seen a huge growth.
If you wish to get in touch with us for selling and buying of rights, you can write to us at