All Signs Lead Back to You


by: Aniesha Brahma

As the final bell for the day rang on their last day in school, Diya Rai had a chill run down her spine. The chill of not knowing what the future holds for her and her high school sweetheart, Ashwin Chowdhury. So she does a preemptive strike. She dumps him before he can hurt her.

Two years later, Ashwin and Diya, cross paths. Each holds grudges, feelings and only one half of the story that completes them. Told from alternating points of view, through a non-linear timeline, this is the story about first love, second chances and ALL the SIGNS THAT LEAD BACK TO YOU


ISBN : 978-93-80925-65-3
Language : English
Category : BEE Fiction
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs  199/-
No Of Pages : 138
Date of Publication : July 2016
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