The Last Few Days of the Blue God

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by: Sanjib Chattopadhyay

Translated by: Riddhi Maitra

About the Book:

asthikeśavshakīrṇaṃ śoņitaughapariplutam/ śarīrairbahusāhasrairvinikīrṇaṃ samantataḥ//

The great war of Mahabharata was over. The entire clan of Kauravas had been annihilated. The ground was decorated with the decapitated bodies of men. On this blood-soddened field, stood Krishna, the astute strategist and politician. And along with him, the Kuru women—the damned lot who had lost their husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons. Who was to be blamed for this horror? For this blood-curdling carnage? Who else but God himself, who by his own proclamation had descended on earth to rid her off the burden of evil. So, when a mother curses him with the same fate as he had caused on her family, the lord calmly accepts it with a smile on his face. Thus begins The Last Few Days of the Blue God, Sanjib Chattopadhyay’s journalistic enquiry into the life of Lord Krishna tracing the key moments of the life of the Vishnu avatar as he walked on earth in various forms—the notorious child of Gokul and the mystic lover of Vrindavan, the slayer of Kansa, and the lord of Yadavas in Dvaraka, and finally the master diplomat who orchestrated the great war of Kurukshetra



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Date of Publication : 2021
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