Translation Projects

Language unites us, but it also divides us. There are about 7000 international and 22 recognized Indian languages, most of which are still unknown to us. Translation helps us traverse this barrier and make literature universal. BEE is extremely lucky to be able to associate with Westland Publication Pvt Ltd and Yatra Books to bring some of their famous titles—Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, The Rozabal Line, Krishna Key, Connect the Dots—from English to Bengali. One of our biggest privilege is the good fortune to be a part of Patra Bharati, India’s third largest Bengali publisher. That strong team of translators and editors provides us with the necessary support to produce quality work, where the essence of the original is retained in the translation as well.

We also translate from Bengali to English. Some of our most noted works are Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s The Eye of the Eagle, The Aunt Who Wouldn’t Die, and Krishnamurthy Hanuru’s Agnyatha: The Memoir of Tipu’s Unknown Commander.

We wish to reach beyond the shores of Indian literature and bring for our readers translated works from foreign languages.

If you wish to translate with us, you can write to us at