Vanity Publishing

Publishing a book properly is a colossal responsibility. Every author puts in their best effort in each of their work and pin their hopes on getting it published. They rest their trust in us, publishers, to bring it to the market with great care. The entire process from the submission of the manuscript to its conversion into a paperback is long-drawn, albeit magical. Independent publishers like us have our own limitations which constrain us from always accepting all manuscripts that come to our way for publishing; time and budget being the foremost. But if the author is confident of his work and is willing to share the editorial and printing expense, they can opt for vanity publishing. Our vanity publishing wing is called Nectar Publishing. When any writer shows interest in publishing through Nectar, we share with them a chart that lists in detail all the publishing expenses incurred; it can be customized according to the author’s preferences. However, all our books, whether published traditionally or through Nectar, are treated with the same care and we always try to accommodate the author’s wishes.
If you wish to publish with Nectar, please write to us at