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Why BEE?

When I was a child I was fascinated by the BEES. Be their hive, how they looked, how they swarm together. Everything just made me wonder how perfect they were. I read stories about the queen bee when I was a kid. I read how the nectar is associated with knowledge in Hindu mythology as “Amrit”. I realised that the hive has six sides to it just like our six senses. Everything just fell in place.

Why Books?

I am the 4th generation into publishing in my family. My Great Grandfather started publishing back in Dhaka and came to Kolkata during partition. That continued for generations. Our love for books is inborn, literally. I have grown up among books and they are a part of my life. There was no way I could escape.

Why BEE Books?

Coming from a background of Regional books, there was a latent wish to expand. But how was the question. English, though hypocritical, is the language that binds us together as a nation and one can reach out to the World. Hence we started BEE Books, to reach out to a wider reader group. One of our primary focus is Translation of regional books to English.

What do we plan to do?

We basically have a few categories because we plan to cater to a wide group of readers:

  1. Translations
  2. Coffee Table Books
  3. World Classics
  4. Graphic Novels
  5. Essays
  6. Contemporary Fiction

We have tried to cover all categories. We are growing each day and exploring new avenue. If you have an Idea of something new, get in touch with us at

And, what else do we do?

With an experience of over 50 years in Publishing, we have knowledge through experience. We want to share it. We give fee based assistance to authors, entrepreneurs, corporate houses and anyone who wants to publish a book.

We give guidance Editing, proof reading, layout, design, printing and making the final book and distributing it. If you need any help, get in touch with us at

Read. Learn. Spread and “BE A HIVE OF KNOWLEDGE”


Esha Chatterjee
BEE Books

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