A Brief History From Creation Of Universe To Evolution Of Human Being

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by: Dilip Datta

Life appeared on the Earth about 3.6 billion years ago. But how? Why was there quietude in the surroundings just before life appears on the Earth? How did environment change during the initial period after creation of Universe and Earth? How does a complete tree diagram of two great eons look like? How did climate change in each era and period? What were the consequential impacts? What were the occurrence of important events that helped transformation of the Earth? Who is our real ancestor? Had there been no extinction of dinosaurs, would the dominant life forms on Earth today possible? Can the very existence of human beings be traced to the death of a distant Sun? Eloquently written, this book with diagrams, illustrations, pictures and figures, has answered all these questions. With lucid exposition, narrative process and structural method of description, the readers will understand the symphony of life pulsed through the great eons that encompassed the vast process of evolution.

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Date of Publication : 2018
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