Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by: Lewis Carroll

Alice had been conceived originally as an idle accompaniment to a water-picnic. It was a hot July day and Mr.Dodgson the Oxford don, took three charming young sisters “up the river Godstow”; they drink tea on the bank there, and did not reach Christ Church till half-past eight. When the party landed in the meadows they sat under a hayrick out of the sun, and all three children begged for a story. So the white rabbit was conjured up with the famous watch, and on such a day it was perfectly natural for Alice to follow such an extraordinary rabbit down a very large rabbit hole, to discover a jar of orange marmalade marked “DRINK ME”.

Alice’s adventures take place in a topsy turvy kingdom governed by laws of unassailable logic. We can enter at almost any age and enjoy a holiday in a fantasy world where the dream-like events seems like the real world standing on its head.

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