Another Outsider

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by: Samaresh Majumdar

Shahin is one of those many boys from rural Bangladesh who make up for the thousands of illegal emigrants of the US. He travels to the US with a theatre company to perform for Bengali associations in several cities. Finally, instead of returning with his team, he stays back, literally dissolving in the multitude of those who seek their fortune in the US while all the time running from the police. Like most such boys, Shahin joins a restaurant that employs illegal migrants because they come cheap. His only aim is to save enough money so that he can send money back home to his aged parents, who dream of repairing their doddering house. Playng hide and seek with the police, Shahin soon finds himself working for a transport company, but again gets too close to the police. Finally, luck favours him and Shahin gets a green card that enables him to visit home. But things are not the same anymore. He is now just another outsider.

ISBN : 978-81-942294-9-0
Language : English
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Indian Library
Binding : Paperback
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No Of Pages : 168
Date of Publication : 2020
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