The Awesome Four: Extraordinarily Ordinary: Ceph the Octopus & Angel Fish Angelina


by: the P. C. Chandra Group

Curious Ceph

Ceph has a naturally inquisitive mind and he loves reading detective stories. When he is told that detective stories will not help him in life, his grandfather encourages him to pursue the local mystery that has cropped up. Ceph teams up with Coralee and together they set off on an adventure to find out what the shiny objects are.

Will they be successful?

Will Curious Ceph and his best friend, Coralee, find out what the shiny objects are?

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Amazing Angelina

The poor baby fish Angelina is ignored and left out from a party by her friends because she does not know how to dance. But Angelina also has powers that her friends are unaware of. She can sense when danger is lurking around the corner. And she can swim like the speed of lighting! When mysterious noises under the sea come to her notice, she flies to the wise lobster for advice. With her special powers, will Amazing Angelina be able to save the day?

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When P. C. Chandra launched a children’s jewelry line, they wanted to share the message that all children are equal and special. Their apparent flaws or causes of ridicule are insignificant and it is our inherent beauty of character that should be celebrated. Thus, was born Geeky Gracy the chicken who is a nerd and is made fun of for this reason; Angel Fish Angelia, who is left behind by her friends because she cannot dance; Curious Ceph, the bespectacled octopus, who loves detective stories and is ridiculed for it; and Big Buff, the butterfly who loves to eat and is bullied for her weight. All the characters, as they do not fit the mould created for them, are laughed at and are scorned, but ironically, it is their same qualities that eventually save the day when things go awry in their universe. P. C. Chandra’s The Awesome Four Series thus is a celebration of inner beauty and intelligence against the outer more temporary qualities.

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No Of Pages : 26
Date of Publication : 2016
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