Bangladesh: A Literary Journey Through 50 Short Stories


Edited by: Rifat Munim

About the Book:

This book takes the reader to a fictional journey through Bangladesh, the South Asian nation that celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence in 2022. Like any literature arising out of South Asia, the literature emanating from the deltaic plain now known as Bangladesh is tied to politics and history. Through the 50 stories in this collection, the reader witnesses the rise of a language-based nationalism and the subsequent birth of Bangladesh in 1971, and also how the country fell back into the clutches of military dictatorship till democracy was restored in 1990. Written over five decades from the 1950s to the 1990s, this carefully curated collection introduces readers to the richness and sheer diversity of Bangladeshi short fiction. These stories break all stereotypes about Bangladeshi writing and offer a rare glimpse of how, from a rich realistic tradition in the 1950s, Bangladeshi fiction has evolved into many different strains with the youngest bunch of writers often combining them all in their writing. Bangladeshi fiction has a lot in common with fiction from other South Asian nations yet this collection is proof that it is unique at the same time.
ISBN : 978-93-91618-22-3
Language : English
Category :
BEE Fiction
Binding : Hardcover
Price : Rs 850/-
Date of Publication : 2023
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