Best of Mamata


by: Mamata Banerjee

She gave and only gave all her life. She expected nothing in return apart from the unending love from the people. She started her journey and struggle at an early age. She rose from the tin ceilings to become an icon. She fights against corruption, against injustice and violence. She raises her voice to point out the misdoings of the who’s who in politics. She never falters to bring the truth forward and reveal the fake tears of the politicians and the dark face of politics. She has opposed forged leftist movements and fundamentalists as well. She staunchly supports secularism and democratism. She is none other than our very own and beloved Mamata Banerjee. After decades of struggle against the oppressors and tyranny, she brought in change in West Bengal with a vision to remove all malpractices and spread love and harmony among people. While she fights for the development of her state, she also writes. She writes to influence her people and encourages them to read. A multi-talented and multi faceted author and poet she writes her real Life, personal experience, essays and poetry.
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No Of Pages : 252
Date of Publication : 2015
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