Bheeshma: The Unvanquished Kuru Patriarch


by: Tridib Kumar Chattopadhyay

Translated by: Riddhi Maitra

About the Book:

The only living son of Goddess Ganga, a fearless warrior, and a pacifist at heart—a seemingly perfect description of a royal patriarch hiding years of injustice in the grip of a delusion.
Bheeshma: The Unvanquished Kuru Patriarch is the story of young Debabrata’s transformation into a man fettered by fate to an impossible oath. His childhood at a peaceful hermitage is cut short as he is called upon to fulfill the greater responsibilities destiny has stored for him as the prince of Hastinapur. He soon learns of the price life exacts in the form of sacrifice.
He was the ruler, never the king; the eternal guardian of the Kuru dynasty. But did he truly fulfill the promise enshrined in him?
Demons of his past flash before his eyes as the one tragic hero of Mahabharata, Pitamaha Bheeshma, lies in a lonely wait for death.



ISBN : 9788191618339
Language : English
Category :
BEE Fiction
Binding : Hardback
Price : Rs 299/-
Date of Publication : 2022
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