Black Waters Jail

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by: Prafulla Roy

Set in the pre independence period, with the Black Waters Jail of Andaman as the backdrop, the story narrates the journey of Lakhai, a person involved in many heinous crimes. The story revolves around his sufferings, pain, loss, fear on one hand, and on the other it delves deep into his extreme love for Sonia and his attachment with his jail mates. They are all inhabitants of a settlement that is peopled by criminals from the jail who have completed their term. Gradually, the rule is bent a little so that such people can find partners. Women inmates are pardoned off before their term if they are willing to settle down with men from the settlement. However, if they fall out, they will have to return to the jail. Can family life ever cure the criminal instincts of such men and women?

ISBN : 978-81-910295-9-8
Language : English
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No Of Pages : 528
Date of Publication : 2014
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