God on Every Wind

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by: Farhad Sorabjee

Philomena is a born rebel, disillusioned with her middle-class comfort and the expectations of her parents. Nestor is an impoverished African exile with the heart of a poet. When the two meet by chance on the streets of 1960s Bombay, their attraction will change their lives forever. Spanning two continents and following a story of love, loss and politics set against a backdrop of turbulent societies, times and allegiances, God on Every Wind is a powerful debut novel exploring the possibilities and limitations of individual and political revolution. Will appeal to readers with special interests in the best of contemporary world literature, with strong crossover potential for readers who have enjoyed the work of recent success stories from the sub-continent, such as Mohsin Hamid’s Moth Smoke.


ISBN : 978-93-80925-49-3
Language : English
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BEE Fiction
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs 375/-
No Of Pages : 280
Date of Publication : 2016
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