Goldfish Memory

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by: Monique Schwitter

What does it mean to have a connection with someone?

Everyday you see tens and hundreds of faces and overhear countless conversations. Everyday you pass people by – on the street. In the office. In the car. In cafes and bars. Down the corridors of department stories and hotel rooms. But what makes one person

a stranger, and another a friend, an accomplice, even a lover?

This is the question these brilliant and quirky short stories try to answer.

A traveler shuts himself up in his hotel room, with no-one but room service to talk to; a teenager stalks her long-lost father; a journalist interviews a great poet with a dark past; a woman pursues a doomed liaison with an anonymous man she meets once a month at the casino; a bar lady locked in with the regulars at night…These are just some of the tales exploring the mysterious and random side of human relationships.


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Language : English
Category : BEE Fiction
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No Of Pages : 162
Date of Publication : 2017
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