Indian Industries and Other Issues


by: Dilip Datta


‘How are the manufacturing industries in India performing? Is there any inter-state disparity with respect to performance of manufacturing industries? How is the performance of manufacturing sector in West Bengal? What is the micro and macro concept of industrial sickness? How can one empirically find out current and future status of financial health of a company? Eloquently written and deeply researched, this book has answered all these questions besides explaining concept of turnaround management, role of competitiveness and leadership in turnaround management.
The book is rich in analytical content and will be of immense value to the state governments, industrialists, bank’s executives, practicing consultants, research scholars, academia and policy makers. The lucid exposition, narrative process and structural method of description make the text clear and accessible as well as lively and engaging.


ISBN : 978-81-910295-0-5
Language : English
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Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs 650/-
No Of Pages : 192
Date of Publication : 2021


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