Olga Bergholz: There Was No Death and There Is No Death


by: Nataliya Gromova

Translated by: Anirban Chakrabarti

About the Book:

Olga Bergholz’s diaries were the memorandum of a Soviet person reflecting on two realities, two truths: one is political and the other is private. And throughout her life, Bergholz tried to overcome the growing chasm between her external and internal world, between belief in a made-up idea and the revelation of a terrible frightful reality. The book follows her life through the pages of her transcript, unravelling her fate and proclaiming that how painfully she tried to transcend her own time: from being a Soviet person to just a simple person, from being a Soviet poet to just a poet.


ISBN : 9789391618094
Language : English
Category :
BEE Essay
Binding : Hardback
Price : Rs 350/-
Date of Publication : 2022
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