P. C. Chandra Swarnakshar: The Golden Alphabets

by: the P. C. Chandra Group

P. C. Chandra Swarnakshar: The Golden Alphabets brings together a wide array of international and Indian languages. With a small note on the history of the languages introducing each chapter, the book

allows for a quick but interesting read. Through this book we want to spread the knowledge and beauty of some of the most popularly spoken Indian and international languages across the world. Each language is unique in its own way. Each alphabet has an ornamental beauty to it, if looked at with the right eye.

Our idea of the book was to make a bouquet of all languages, especially for the younger readers. Through Swarnakshar they would discover newer alphabets and languages, which would help them build an interest for newer languages and expand their knowledge. We felt a compilation such as this, of languages, was important.

The Golden Alphabets: The intrinsic beauty of language is displayed in Swarnakshar: The Golden Alphabets, as the book showcases a diverse set, from local tongues to international ones.  The book is a celebration of the very idea that language unites us all. Narrated through several small, but interesting chapters, P. C. Chandra Swarnakshar: The Golden Alphabets captures the essence of different languages—Indian and international. The philosophy at P.C. Chandra has always been continuous innovation through engaging, and personalized designs. Apart from the aesthetics, the purpose of Swarnakshar: The Golden Alphabets is to also attract young readers, amongst whom P.C. Chandra intends  to permeate the beauty of different languages. Power of knowledge and language is necessary in empowering of the mind and this compilation is a small, but honest.

ISBN : 978-93-80925-59-2
Language : English
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Binding : Hardcover
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No Of Pages : 120
Date of Publication : 2018
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