PR 2020: The Trending Practice of Public Relations

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by: Rita Bhimani

Everyone needs a dash of PR!

  • Corporate entities who need to stay ahead, and be competitive.
  • NGOs seeking more credibility .
  • Newbies requiring the basic knowledge of the profession.
  • Start ups aspiring for perception management skills to push into angel space.
  • Individuals wanting extra propelling for planned communicative events.
  • Existing practitioners who could get further leads from this book.

We bring you these details to show you how a PR person can be versatile and multifaceted. And the book, too has its multihued targets. We believe that everyone needs a modicum of PR. There’s something in it for all sections of people.  It aims to be a Public Relations “handy” book, aimed at those who need to know the art, science and artifice of corporate communication in a new light.

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Date of Publication : 2018
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