Ramayana: Dakshin-Purba Asia-e Sanskriti R Aitijhyer Podochinho

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by: Anita Bose

The Ramayana is a peerless epic composed by Maharshi Valmiki in the ancient Bharatvarsha. Prof. Sylvain Levi, the great French orientalist, once said “India gave mythology to her neighbors”. Ramayana serves as the great stimulant to nascent literary worlds of south-east Asian countries and has influenced their culture through drama, puppetry and various performing arts. Ramayana Civilization has such everlasting influence that Thai Ramakien and Khon are very popular even in the present day. Dances like Singkil and Hudhud are very popular amongst the young Filipinos which is derived from Maharadia Lawana. The Kakawin Ramayana of Java and Bali associates people of Islam in it while in countries like Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Philippines, plays based on Ramayana are a regularity. From paintings to sculptures, from literature to the ethos of royal administration, from rituals of coronation to cremation, from local dance to grand ceremony the impact of Ramayana is prominent all over south-east Asia and this book provides a detailed analysis for the same.


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