The Strange Death of Anindyasundar


By: Anish Deb

Translated by: Arunava Sinha


About the Book:

The story begins with Anindyasundar waking up at a registration office only to realise that he has died and is now at the gateway to heaven. He is surprised. He is even more shocked when the man at the counter tells him that he was murdered. A middle-aged man in his 50’s and an author by profession, who would bother killing him? After much nagging and pleading this man at the counter grants him a recap of his death. Only 24 hrs and a promise that he wouldn’t change anything in the course of the day. Or else there are grave things waiting, including him being banished and going to hell. Anindyasundar wakes up again, this time in his bed. Confused about whether it was all a dream. Soon there’s a call from heaven and he realises his wish has been granted for 24 hrs and in those hours, he has to find the culprit. This time it is different. Everyone around him has many reasons to murder him. His young wife, his jobless nephew, and his gardener too. What follows is a series of comic tragic affairs throughout the day. But Anindyasundar is not ready to be killed again. Will he change the ending and escape death?

Language : English
Category :
BEE Books
Binding : Hardback
Price : Rs 120/-
Date of Publication : 2021
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