Unvanquished: The Fight Beyond Justice


by: Dr. Jonaki Mukherjee


In the present scenario, when the whole world is talking about feminism and women empowerment, let’s take a pause, look around and ask ourselves, ‘can we call ourselves empowered in reality? Or is it the catch-all term that has come to denote a certain section of people? Is it the reality of women around us or is it only a façade as unreal as the life we see on social media these days?’
Being a dedicated teacher, a distinguished counsellor and an integral part of the West Bengal Women’s Commission, author Dr Jonaki Mukherjee could discern the real-life problems a woman deals with in her everyday life. Years of experience helped her analyse the true complications, crisis & challenges that a woman of today’s age is facing every single day in every single field to survive.
Through the pages of the book and the characters of all the 10 stories you will be able to find a bit of yourself or a woman in a yellow saree whom you see every day on your way to the office, or the mother who works hard to help you with the household chores just to give her child a better life. It’s not only about the 10 stories that Jonaki has penned down beautifully, she has shown the heart and courage to stand by each of the lives she came across. She didn’t stop there. She made sure she takes a step and be the voice of all those millions of women whose words are never heard.
This book is a dose of inspiration to every woman and a pinch of added understanding to every man.  It is a detailed representation of every tender emotion of a woman, her problems, her crisis & each fight she faces to live a decent life.


ISBN : 978-93-91618-32-2
Language : English
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BEE Fiction
Binding : Paperback
Price : Rs 199/-
No Of Pages : 160
Date of Publication : 2022
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