5 Iconic Female Characters in Literature

5 Iconic Female Characters in Literature

Jane Eyre One of the earliest examples of an individualistic, determined and strong female lead in literature, Jane Eyre, is a personal favourite. Though she is faced with dire circumstances from childhood, she perseveres and grows into a resilient young woman. She manages to successfully retain...... Read more

BEE Guide: Writer’s Block

Stephen King was once asked how does he write to which he replied, “Oh, usually one word at a time.” It’s a funny answer but if you really think about it then writers for the most part are divided into two categories:   i. Those who believe in writer’s block ii. Those who dismiss it.   For... Read more

BEE Books: The Story of Valentine’s Day

  On the 14th of February of every year, everyone celebrates being in love. And in this age where social media plays a strong role most of us have to suffer through the ordeal of having to see all the couples wish each other on Valentine’s Day. With the number of check-ins and Instagram...... Read more