7 Things Only Avid Readers Will Understand

Bookworms will always have their noses stuck in one book or the other. And believe us, it is better than having it stuck in anyone else’s business. There are a lot of things that only avid bookworms will understand. Here we have listed such truths:

  1. There is No Such Thing As Too Many Books:

    First of all, we all have different definitions for the word “many”. For someone, it could be five. Whereas, for someone else, it could be five hundred. So what really is too many books anyway? We have never-ending reading lists in any case – and new, amazing titles are written every second day. So how can you tell us we own too many books, isn’t it?

2. Books Recommend People:

If you ever see someone in public reading your favourite book, don’t you get this awful urge to walk up to them and start a conversation? It has happened to the best of us countless times! And I can assure you that it will continue to keep happening!

3. Book Markets and Book Sales are Our Bae:

Nothing motivates us more to get out of bed than the news of book markets and book sales. The list of books we think we need in our lives is never ending. So imagine our happiness every time we learn of the fact that we can cross these titles off our list at a discount!

4. Book Fairs are Not Just an Event for Us:

If you have been lucky enough to be on the other side of the book fairs, you would know what we are talking about. The book fair is equal to planning a high-end birthday party for your best friend. January – February has always been a special time for us. Because all the best book fairs in India happen during that time.

5. Our To-Be-Read Piles are Sky High:

Like we have told you before, our to-be-read piles are sky high, and we keep adding titles to it constantly. Therefore, it is no wonder that next to our bedside table lies a leaning tower of books! And even though we keep making promises of not buying more books, we break it every single time we walk into a bookstore or go online on Amazon and Flipkart.

6. We Hold People to the Impossible Fictional Standards:

Another problem avid readers have is their tendency of blurring fictional world and the real world. Half of us are still looking for Mr. Darcy and the other half wants to know if we can ever find a relationship that would be as intense as the one shared by Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley! We also genuinely believe that our book boyfriends are better than our actual real-life ones. We always tend to hold people to these rather impossible fictional standards.

7. We Can Binge Read like Nobody’s Business:

And finally, we are able to binge read books like nobody’s business. Sometimes we can read around ten books a month. Sometimes we would be finishing one book a day! So you can understand how much we binge on stories, isn’t it?

These are just seven things that any avid book readers would understand. Did we miss out on something that is hot on your list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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