Krishnamurthy Hanuru is a leading Kannada folklorist and a fiction writer who has been teaching folklore, ancient Kannada epics and novels for four decades. He has published three novels, four short story collections and many editions of folk songs and stories. Delving deep into the history through folk’s perspective, portraying narratives from various angles and introducing characters from the margins are the main features of his work. Hanuru’s second novel Nikshepa (The Treasure) was adapted to celluloid and many of his stories have been serialized. Some of his most noted works are The Encyclopaedia of Folk Culture in Karnataka, Savirada Siri Belagu (Let thousand Kinds of Wealth Shine), Janapada Ramya Kathanakagalu (The Folk Romances). Several of his works are available in English and his recent Agnyathanobbana Atmacharitre (Agnyatha: The Memoir of Tipu’s Unknown Commander) will be available in English, published by BEE, Kolkata.

Books By Krishnamurthy Hanuru