The Awesome Four: Extraordinarily Ordinary: The Legend of Stardust


by: the P. C. Chandra Group

With the treasure map torn in half, Ceph, Goldie and Angelia race to the wise old lobster for advice. At the same time, Buff and Gracie decide to study the map for themselves by cutting Wise Owl’s special night class. The four protagonists finally meet each other as they find out about the legend of Stardust from Mr. Owl and Mr. Lobster.

When P. C. Chandra launched a children’s jewellery line, they wanted to share the message that all children are equal and special. Their apparent flaws or causes of ridicule are insignificant and it is our inherent beauty of character that should be celebrated. Thus, was born Geeky Gracy the chicken who is a nerd and is made fun of for this reason; Angel Fish Angelia, who is left behind by her friends because she cannot dance; Curious Ceph, the bespectacled octopus, who loves detective stories and is ridiculed for it; and Big Buff, the butterfly who loves to eat and is bullied for her weight. All the characters, as they do not fit the mould created for them, are laughed at and are scorned, but ironically, it is their same qualities that eventually save the day when things go awry in their universe. P. C. Chandra’s The Awesome Four Series thus is a celebration of inner beauty and intelligence against the outer more temporary qualities.

ISBN : 978-93-80925-60-8
Language : English
Category : BEE Kids
Binding : Hardcover
Price : Rs 99/-
No Of Pages : 30
Date of Publication : 2016
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