by: Mary Shelley

Victor Frankenstein is a young enthusiastic student of natural philosophy, obsessed about finding the secret of life and resurrecting the dead. He has spent his life studying scientific theories and use of matter to create life. He finally succeeds after several years of research but what he creates is not a human…but a hideous creature! Unable to bear the sight of his own creation, he abandons the monster and runs away. The monstrous creation instills fear in those who meet him and is rejected by all humanity. Increasingly lonely and isolated, the creature starts hating his Creator and sets out on a mission to destroy everyone Frankenstein loves. Wretched and bereft , Frankenstein is determined to chase the creature to the end of the World. In a dramatic climax, Frankenstein pursues the creature as far as the Arctic Circle, in order to destroy him. Will Frankenstein be able to destroy the monster? Will he be able to come out of the clutches of his own creation or will he be punished for playing God?

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No Of Pages : 240
Date of Publication : 2014
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