5 Iconic Female Characters in Literature

5 Iconic Female Characters in Literature

Jane Eyre One of the earliest examples of an individualistic, determined and strong female lead in literature, Jane Eyre, is a personal favourite. Though she is faced with dire circumstances from childhood, she perseveres and grows into a resilient young woman. She manages to successfully retain...... Read more

BEE Books: 5 Signs of Good Editing

The work of an editor is possibly the most convoluted in the process of publication and is perceptible to change with each manuscript. The scope of editing alters in each manuscript according to its need. With that in mind, here is a list of the five signs of good editing: Flexibility and Scope...... Read more

BEE Books: BEE Speed Reads

BEE Books was started with the intention to cater to a wider audience. While initially what we had were classics, graphic novels, essays, coffee table books, and contemporary fiction, we realized that our books were either for an older audience or for very young students. We did not have books...... Read more