BEE Books was started with the intention to cater to a wider audience. While initially what we had were classics, graphic novels, essays, coffee table books, and contemporary fiction, we realized that our books were either for an older audience or for very young students.

We did not have books which would be ideal for sixteen to twenty-five year olds. In fact, we realized there was a dearth of Young Adult/New Adult novels in the market.

What are Young Adult/New Adult novels?

Contrary to popular belief, Young Adult novels and Children’s novels are not the same. Young Adult novels mostly have protagonists in their late teens and are coming of age novels. YA novels don’t always mean romance. It could deal with innumerable issues: starting with mental health and ending with a murder mystery.

New Adult novels run on similar grounds and just have protagonists who are a little older. For example, these protagonists are always in their early twenties. Because they too are trying to figure out this thing called life. In a way, these can also be called coming of age novels.

Not all YA/NA novels are heavy reads though. It takes all kinds of books to fit into this category. In fact, as someone wisely put it, this is more of a point of view than anything else!

So, why BEE Speed Reads?

While we brainstormed over the kinds of books which could fit into the category we were looking at, we came up with the concept of BEE Speed Reads. The intention of these books is to provide our readers with a break from life, while at the same time make them feel that reading the book was a good investment of their time. These stories have characters that are very real and very relatable. But at the same time, their stories can end in three hours.

All Signs Lead Back to You by Aniesha Brahma is the first book in this series, which would be followed by Little Longer Than Forever by Aryani Banerjee.

If you have a novel under 40,000 words, and if you feel it would fit into our category of BEE Speed Reads, do drop us a mail at:

(Note: As the International Kolkata Book Fair 2017 is around the corner, we’re very pressed for time at the moment. All your query mails can only be answered, therefore, once we reopen submissions from March 2017.)

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