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In so far as the pursuit of any true vocation is a life in itself, Barun Chanda – advertising guru, actor and writer, may be said to have had three. Born in Dhaka, he did his Masters in English at Jadavpur University. Following a brief stint as a lecturer in English, he embarked upon a career in the creative department of advertising that spanned more than 30 years, won him numerous awards and culminated in his tenure as Creative Director at Clarion McCann.

Acting occupies the second of his three worlds. In 1971, he scorched the big screen as a high-flying executive, playing the protagonist in Satyajit Ray’s ‘Seemabaddha’, and winning a special President of India Award for his performance. After a hiatus that lasted over two decades, he returned to the screen during the 90’s, and has since then acted in numerous TV series and more than 35 movies. Tackling Bollywood and Tollywood roles with equal aplomb, he has distinguished himself in films such as Lootera, Roy, Chotushkone, Aborto, MIshor Rohoshyo, Nayanchampa-r Dinraatri , Bela Sheshe and Jogajog. Chorabaali, where where once again he plays the protagonist, is his latest venture.

Barun’s third passion is writing. A regular film reviewer and contributor of articles to major dailies, in the last eight years he has published four highly acclaimed and successful novels in Bengali. His work has played a major role in establishing the adult thriller genre in Bengali literature.

Coke is his first novel in English.

The Conversation: 

Question 1: How did you take up fiction writing?

Barun Chanda: Well, you read fiction and you think you can write!

Question 2: What are your favorite genres to read in?

Barun Chanda: I read almost anything. I avoid pretentious writers. I do read a lot of crime thrillers, but not Agatha Christie and Arthur Canon Doyle. I like books by John Lakery, Dick Francis, John D. MacDonald. Dick Francis always writes stories which involve the race course in some way or another. These crime thrillers are, if I am allowed to say, were from the horse’s mouth. And John D. MacDonald – all his titles have references to colors.


Question 3: And what are your favorite genres to write in?

Barun Chanda: While I like reading everything, I like writing crime thrillers.
Question 4: What is your writing process?

Barun Chanda: Pen and Paper. Actually, it is a ball pen and paper.
Question 5: What would be your advice to aspiring writers?

Barun Chanda: There is nothing new under the Sun. It is your personal touch that makes it unique. They must find your voice interesting. So find a story, add your personal touch and make it as unique and interesting as you possibly can. That is my advice to aspiring writers.

About The Book:

Coke_Cover“Can you help me, please?”

Pradipta wheeled around.

Standing behind was an unusually attractive lady. She wore a dark blue, chiffon saree which set off her fair complexion even more. Other than a thin gold chain with a tear-drop pearl pendant on her neck, she wore no jewelery. Her lips were pale pink, with no lipstick. Only the dark make-up on her eyes made her look even more unfathomable.

“You’re talking to me?”

Thus begins Coke, with this chance encounter at Kathmandu airport. But the plot thickens when the lady requests him to include her suitcase as part of his checked in baggage and then does a vanishing act, once the aircraft lands in Calcutta. What follows is a riveting page-turner, replete with unexpected twists as you encounter gangs warring over narcotics, policemen, functionaries, and a sinister master-mind who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The furiously paced narrative takes you from the sleepy airport of Kathmandu to the packed streets of Calcutta, a mysterious mansion on the outskirts of town and an unforgettable chase-sequence through New Market.

From the author of the acclaimed Bengali novels ‘Kidnap’, ‘Shaaper Jhaanpi’ and ‘Robibar’ comes a high-octane thriller that’s seriously addictive and keeps you hooked till the end.

12202279_1079556842062615_759540048_nWhere Can I Find The Book?

All Major Bookstores in Kolkata has the Book.

But, if you like browsing for books online you can pick up your copy of COKE right here.

If you would like to meet the author. Here’s something interesting:

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