Prafulla Roy, one of West Bengal’s foremost contemporary writers, was born in Dhaka district of the former East Bengal in 1934. He came to India penniless from the then Pakistan after the partition of the country. He has had to struggle hard to gain a foothold in a newer land. He took to travel throughout the country to experience the living of the struggling people to minimize his own. He had been among the tribals in Nagaland, the untouchables in Bihar, the rootless people from the mainland in the Andamans(on which this story is based) et ol.– most of whom later reappeared flawless in his writings. Prafulla Roy’s writings depict powerfully and authentically the prevailing realities in both urban and rural situations which helps the reader discover the multidimensional social maze in India. He has been the recipient of many major awards, including Bankim Prize and Bhualka Price for his novel on rural life, “Akasher Niche Manush” and the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel, “Krantikal”. He has written more than 150 books including novels and short stories. His first novel was “Purva Parvati”, set in Nagaland. Many of Prafulla Roy’s fictions have been filmed, and a few of them bagged the national and international film awards.

Books By Prafulla Roy